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on ice was created in 2015. The first trip abroad was a tour around Mexico. All the performances were accompanied by a sold-out and a storm of applause from the audience. New heroes are emerging, popular scenarios and stories are born. The main goal of the artists is to present the audience with joy. A circus is an art that is accessible and understandable to everyone!
A bright, magical ice show in unusual scenery, with circus tricks in combination with the art of figure skating and ballet production.

Natural ice. Any street platform with smooth, high-quality ice, an ice palace, or a mobile cooling field mounted in any suitable room for performance.
Synthetic ice. Mounted on any smooth, clean, dry surface.
Roller skates, specially made for figure skating. They are installed on professional shoes for figure skating. A smooth, firm, smooth, clean, dry surface is required for performance.
To change the artists need two warm changing rooms, in the immediate vicinity of the exit on the ice, or on the stage. One room for the assembly and storage of props. Passage from the locker room to the ice should be covered with rubber or carpet. In the locker rooms there should be 30 chairs. Clothes hanger and mirror. For the suspension of air numbers, a beam is required that can withstand a load of 500 kg. Also need access to the grate, or a tour on which you can climb to this beam.

  • Artist ID : Circus id1169
  • Genre : Circus on ice
  • Gender : Group
  • Country : Russia