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The Opera Show is the intersection of traditions and eras. Relying on the classical basis, creates a synthesis of time and mood, combining different epochs and musical styles.

Opera Show is a concert program that introduces the audience to works ranging from Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending with modern academic music. One of the main features of the program is the original modern sound.

Each song is a theatrical story, in which dancers, musicians, theatrical props are involved. Bright, original scenic images, do not leave spectators indifferent. What happens on stage during performances is far from conventions and traditions.
Soprano with a conservative education and an original stage image. Music in the show in several languages: Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Chinese.

The first single hit was in the rotation of the British music channel CMTV and introduced the European viewer to the singer's work.

The duration of the concert program is 120 or 60 minutes.
1 part or divided into many parts.

Technical and Hospitality rider: Show id0085 RIDERS

  • Artist ID : Show id0085
  • Genre : opera vocal, dance and theatre show
  • Gender : Female
  • Name : Arina
  • Country : Ukraine